About Simply Clearing™

Clarius is Simply Clearing. Clarius clears unsettling disturbances from solar flares and harmful ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) and EMR Pollution while you stay focused and attentive without jittery causing caffeine or energy drinks, and without falling asleep in the middle of work. Concerns about reducing the harmful affects of both natural and man-made EMR Pollution led the inventors of Clarius to discover how to interrupt EMR while restoring your internal biological rhythms using precise Bio-Pulses and the Scalar Waves discovered over a hundred years ago by Nikola Tesla.

Brainwave monitoring of study participants while working inside the Clarius produced energy field showed higher levels of alpha and theta waves that contributed to improved attention and focus and reduced stress as reported by the study participants.

Clarius produces pure harmonic frequencies to create focused Scalar Wave Bio-Pulses. Clarius comes with SIX preset programs to improve your health and supports up to eight unique programs to meet a variety of personal needs. The four programs included are Attentive Focus for more energy, Solfeggio Balancing to help keep you relaxed and productive, Body Blaster for improved health and Higher Consciousness to allow you to explore states of expanded awareness. Attentive Focus is designed to promote higher brainwave functioning, increasing not only your attention and focus at work or while studying, but also improving your energy levels. Solfeggio Balancing blends the ancient Solfeggio musical scale with Rife based healing frequencies to balance your internal energies and assist in staying centered and on task. Body Blaster features broad spectrum Rife frequencies for improving overall wellness and health. Higher Consciousness assists in expanding your awareness based upon the Out-Of-Body work of Robert Monroe, and is great for meditation and yoga practice (NuTesla is not affiliated with the Monroe Institute). Clarius is great for use in your automobile, too!

Clarius is simple to use, simple to understand and simple to acquire. Clarius is Simply Clearing. Try it Risk Free TODAY!